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Hi, I’m Priyanka

I have been helping students for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that you need a ton of money to ask for help. I work to help others in need to complete their higher education but still accessible for beginners. 

You must have heard of this phrase “Jack of all trades master of none.” What most people don’t know is that isn’t the full phrase. It goes something like this, “Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”. I am also somewhat like that.

As for my educational background, I have done a lot of things that are far apart from each other. I did my Bachelor’s in Economics, Master’s in Clinical Psychology, Certifications in O Level, Digital Marketing, and Guidance, and a 2-year advanced diploma in Software Technology. So, I know a lot of things about different fields.

Everything you see on my both websites, EduHalt and SoleHalt, is done by me. I solve all the assignments, and question papers, and prepare synopsis and dissertation.

I recently got published as well in IJIP. You can find my two papers on their website or through the links below:

My first research paper

I started this because I wanted to help students who might feel stuck at times, just like I did. Students, especially of IGNOU, go around joining tens of groups on Facebook and Telegram to get information that oftentimes is not correct or incomplete. They purchase solved assignments, from shops or online, which sometimes are not even complete or have relevant answers. Sometimes the students get scammed of their money as well.

To give them a safe space for all their needs, from getting information on things to solved or handwritten assignments, we are here.

Hope you will give us a chance, give ME a chance to help you better!