Advantages of Family Life Education

Advantages of Family Life Education

1) Family life education provides an educational role: The family has always existed as basic social grouping among human beings irrespective of the difference in its structure and functioning.

2) Family life education acts as a crisis manager. Adolescents are growing up in a world in which they will have to make more decisions for themselves compared to previous generations.

3) Family life education provides skills for preventive action and knowledge for decision making particularly among adolescents; Each new generation of children face health challenges, but those faced by today’s school age group seem particularly daunting.

4) Family life education helps in understanding one’s own role with the changing family structure and functions.

5) Family life education helps in proper understanding of family life cycle: The impetus for family life education programme is based on the pervasive nature of the family life cycle. Each new phase of the cycle gives rise to new learning needs.

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