Approaches to Environmental Scanning

Approaches to Environmental Scanning

Systematic Approach: Systematic approach involves development and implementation of such a system which will ensure scientific and continuous collection of information for environmental scanning. Information relating to various factors of environment which are relevant to the organisation’s business and industry are continuously collected to monitor changes occurring in them. Information related to customers, markets, changes in government policy, rules, regulations and legislation etc. needs continuous updating not only for strategic management but also for the performance of operational activities.

Ad-hoc Approach : This approach involves conduct of special surveys and studies to deal with specific environmental issues from time to time. Under this approach, the organization may take up a specific project for scanning whenever it needs to evaluate its existing strategy or desire a new strategy.

Processed form Approach : Under this approach the organisation uses information in a processed form which may be available from various sources both inside and outside the organisation. The information in processed form is usually supplied by government agencies or private institutions engaged in the compilation and processing of such information.

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