Computer and its Characteristics

Computer and its Characteristics


A computer is a very versatile electronic machine created by man. Computers have made a great impact on our everyday life. Their presence is felt in almost every aspect of life be it home, school, college, office, industry, hospital, bank, retail stores, railways, research and design organizations, etc.

The word ‘computer’ comes from the word compute, which means to calculate. So, a computer is normally considered to be a calculating device that can perform arithmetic operations at an enormous speed. But more accurately, it may be defined as a device that operates upon data for calculation.

There are two basic types of computers, which include:
a. Analog
b. Digital


  1. Fast speed of calculations.
  2. The ability to take in information.
  3. The ability to take a variety of instructions for execution of tasks.
  4. The ability to use simple logical rules to make decisions.
  5. The ability to communicate with other computer systems.
  6. To carry out computations and analyze accurately and with speed.

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