Meaning of Guidance

Meaning of Guidance

The purpose of education is to prepare the child not only for a “good life”, but also for an “efficient life”. Child requires help to develop physically, morally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and aesthetically so that he/she can live the life of a ‘good person’ Also, he/she requires help to develop vocationally and as a citizen so that he/she grows into an “efficient” worker and a “good citizen”.

In this context, guidance is considered as assistance provided to the child which helps in his/her development: moral, educational, vocational and personal, etc. According to the nature of the assistance, guidance is also referred to as educational guidance, personal, and social guidance, and vocational guidance. From this point of view, guidance is a continuous educative process, which goes on from cradle to grave and every person who is in a position to extend assistance, it considered a guidance functionary. Accordingly, for a child, the teacher, the parent, the counsellor or any individual who provides help becomes a guidance functionary. Guidance can be provided in the home, at school, in the playground, and in any place where a child or an individual comes in contact with others. This is a developmental view of guidance.

In brief, guidance is a continuous function aimed at promoting wholistic development of every individual.

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