One Liners for DOEACC O Level M1-R4 Part 1

One Liners for DOEACC O Level M1-R4 Part 1

One Liners for DOEACC O Level M1-R4: IT Tools and Business Systems

These are all the questions asked in MCQ form in the paper of IT Tools and Business Systems:

Numbers in base 16 are called as: Hexadecimal System

The formula in cell A2 is =B2+C3 on copying this formula in cell C2 the formula will be: =D2+E3

File extensions indicate file created in Paint: BMP

The cost of storing a bit in minimum in: Magnetic disc

Java is known as high level language.

A tool to send letter to many recipients in MS-Word: Mailmerge

Airline reservation system is a typical example of: Real time processing

To create a copy of files in the event of system failure, you create a: restore file

Full form of ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Convert 10100011 from binary to decimal: 163

Characteristic of computer distinguish it from electronic Calculators: Accuracy

In Microsoft word key CTRL + W is used for: Close the current window

What type of telecommunications hardware allows you to access the web?: Modem

What type of computers are client computers (most of the time) in a client server system?: Microcomputer

DNS maps IP address with the domain names of the sites.

Permissions of read only file in Linux operating system is represented as: 777

The value of Primary key: cannot be null

LINUX is: an Operating System

MIS stands for: Management Information System

The most commonly used web browser is: Internet Explorer

Memory used to store BIOS on Motherboard: ROM

SQL stands for: Structured Query Language

Technology used in the evaluation of aptitude test: OMR

Impact printer: Dot-matrix

To cut text from the document, press the keys: CTRL and X

The number of bits used to store a BCD digit is: 4

Numbers in base 8 are called as: Octal System

A collection of worksheets is called as: Workbook

The binary number 1110 is equal to the decimal number: 14

What is used to create newspaper style columns: Format Columns

FAT stands for: File Allocation Table

Operation of file or folder required to move location of file or folder: Cut followed by Paste

To get Help when using Office, you would click the: F1 Key

Operating System can be installed from which resources: Disk, Network and Remote Installation

Device used to require for the Internet connection: NIC Card

To change the cell reference B4:B9 to an absolute cell reference, you would enter it as: $B$4:$B$9

Output device used for translating information from a computer into pictorial form on paper: Plotter

Decimal equivalent of the binary number 11011 is: 27

Software used to teach students with help of LCD Projector: Power point

An optical input device the interprets pencil marks on paper media is: OMR

Numbers in base 2 are called as: Binary Numbering System

In a single byte how many bits will be there?: 8

USB is: Universal Serial Bus

A keyboard is this kind of device: Input

Which is referred to as the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers?: Super Computer

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