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How to Write IGNOU Assignments

When preparing your IGNOU assignments, choosing the right kind of A4 sheets is flexible. Here’s a straightforward approach:

  1. Choose Your Paper: You can opt for either ruled A4 sheets that allow you to write on both sides or plain A4 sheets. If you go for plain, it’s best to write only on one side to keep your work neat, as lines help in writing straight.
  2. Consult Your Teacher: Since preferences can vary, consider asking your teacher or study center for specific recommendations about using one-sided or two-sided sheets.
  3. Organize and Write: Plan your assignment and write clearly. Whether you choose ruled or plain paper, make sure your handwriting is legible and your presentation is clean.
  4. Review Before Submission: Double-check your work for any errors and ensure that all guidelines are followed.

This flexible approach lets you adapt based on what you’re comfortable with and any specific instructions from your course coordinator. Keep it simple, and good luck with your assignments!

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