How to – Internship Proposal

How to – Internship Proposal

Hello Reader,

If you are also confused regarding how to send internship proposal to IGNOU, then don’t worry we are here for you.

The first thing that you need to do is find an authentic place to do your internship. Check out their whole curriculum, all the topics they are covering, how much they are charging and other details as well.

Find places to do your Internship here: Click Here!

Then, you have to get a reference letter from your academic counsellor of your study centre. This reference letter will work as a approval from academic counsellor for the internship.

Download Reference Letter from here. DOWNLOAD or [ALTERNATE LINK]

Fill the Reference Letter, email it to academic counsellor, get it signed.

The following details are to be written in email to IGNOU:

1. Name of the Organisation offering online internship:  
2. Start date of Internship:
3. Name of the Learner:
4. Enrolment number:
5. Admission cycle:
6. Email and Mobile number of the Learner: 
7. Programme Code:
8. Course code :
9. Regional center:
10. Study Center:
11. Name and educational qualification of agency supervisor: [NAME OF AGENCY SUPERVISOR] [IF RCI REGISTERED, THEN REGISTRATION NUMBER]
12. Name of academic counsellor: [NAME OF ACADEMIC COUNSELLOR] (Reference Letter attached with mail)
13. Details of the organisation and the online internship:
14. Structure and duration of Internship : [DETAILS OF TOPICS FROM THE PLACE OF INTERNSHIP]

You need to send this email to with reference letter attached to it.

Hope it gets approved and all the best for your internship.

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