MAPC Online Internships

MAPC Online Internships

Hey there MAPC students,

If you are in 2nd Year of MAPC (Master’s in Psychology) and you are looking for places to do your internship then your search is over. We have researched and got information about authentic places/institutions/clinics, where you can do internship online (due to COVID of course).

I hope you find it helpful, feel free to share our post with other students too.

What you have to do is choose where you wanna do your internship, contact them and clear your doubts if you have any.

We will keep updating our list as we get in touch with more organizations.

Before making payment or registering for internship, you have to email IGNOU and get approval for it.

Doon Psychotherapeutic Centre 2 Months (240 hours)Rs. 5000 (for 2 months)Week 1 & week 2
Orientation of program
Case history taking – how to take case study with demonstration , format of case study will be given
MSE- importance of MSE, with demonstration how to take MSE
Classification of disorders – Diagnosis of disorders according to ICD 10 and DSM 5
Anxiety disorder – types, diagnosis, with case study
Obsessive compulsive disorder with case study/ demonstration
Phobias with case discussion
Eating disorder with case discussion
PTSD with case discussion
Sleep disorder with case discussion
Somatoform disorder with case discussion
Week 3 and week 4
Mood disorder ( depression )
Mood disorder ( Manic and bipolar )
Personality disorder- paranoid personality , BPD , Narcissistic personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder with case discussion
Child development disorder with case demonstration
Child Psychiatric disorders
Counselling Aims, types and models
Process of counselling
Counselling Skills with demonstration
Psychoanalytical approach to therapy ( psychotherapy)
Week 5 and week 6
CBT with practical approach
Career counselling
Art therapy
Alternative therapy
Assessment and Testing with administration, interpretation, report writing 1- MISIC/ WISC
2- VSMS with importance of test
3- BDI ( Beck Depression inventory )
EPQ (Eysenck personality questionnaire)
Week 7 and Week 8
DAP test
SCT Test
State anxiety test
Projective techniques of assessment
Life coach training
Application of psychology
Legal issues in psychotherapy
Assignment discussion
MCQ test
2 hour online session (04pm to 6:00 pm) 4 hours home base learning per day8755020938, 9837435180
Psychoshiksha1 Month (240 Hours)Rs. 2500Week 1 :
📌Introduction to Clinical Psychology
📌Scope of Clinical Psychology
📌Role of Clinical Psychologist
📌Ethics in Clinical Psychology
📌Difference between Counselling and Clinical Psychology
📌ICD vs DSM history
📌ICD vs DSM criteria
Week 2
📌Neurotic and Psychotic detailed explanation
📌Neurotic disorders list n explanation
-Generalized anxiety disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder .
📌Psychotic disorders list and explanation
Brief Psychotic disorder
Delusional disorder
Mood disorder.
Childhood Disorders
Autism, Intellectual disability, Conduct disorder, Child Assessment, Management.
Week 3:
📌 Case history taking
📌Case discussion
📌Therapeutic techniques introduction
Supportive psychotherapy
Family n group therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Week 4
📌 Neurotic assessment
Hamilton depression assessment
Hamilton anxiety
📌Psychotic assessment
Brief psychiatric assessment
YUNG Mania rating scale
SUJAV Foundation1 Month Rs. 3000Integrative Therapies:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Mindfulness based stress reduction
Gestalt Therapy
Essential Counselling Skills
Public Speaking Skills
Soft skills:
Stress Management
Anger Management
Body Language
Brainstorming – Problem Solving
Conflict Management
9415291712, 9415081381
Children First
(14th June to 16th July, 2021)
75 Hours (you can contact them for more)Rs.30001. Introduction to CF and coming together
2. Case History & Case Conceptualization: The Basics
3. Neurodevelopmental Functions: Learning about the way we are wired
4. Exploring Developmental Differences & Childhood Disorders
5. Occupational Therapy
6. Social Communication & Language Work
7. Inside the Therapy Room: Using Therapeutic Skills
8. Overview of Mental Health difficulties
9. Understanding & Working with Trauma
10. Psychoactive Substances & their Effects
11. Expressive Arts & Arts-Based Therapy
12. Play Therapy
13. Personal is political; therefore, therapy is political
14. Gender, Sexuality & Mental Health
15. Social Media and Mental Health
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 3pm to
PsyCoolG240 Hours (120 Online & 120 Offline)Rs.2999Academic Training: Weekly Lectures,
Discussion of 10 Case Studies,
Sessions on career counselling,
Various therapies and approaches in Psychology and Counselling,
Detailed Interviewing Skills,
Case History taking,
Counselling skills and process,
Classification of various disorders,
Psychological assessment and management,
Report writing,
Understanding CBT,
Supporting theoretical class,
Logical explanations,
Exposure to different Therapies,
Role plays,
Case management / intervention plan,
Opportunity to question & learn,
Introduction of digital era of counselling,
Assignments/Tasks: Case studies, Discussions,
Case Discussion
Monday to Friday
Evening (1 to 1.5 Hours)
Brain Behaviour Research Foundation240 HoursRs. 4500Assessment and diagnosis
Interviewing patients
Case history taking
Administration of psychological tests
Scoring and interpretation of test results and arriving at a correct diagnosis of the problem
Providing individual and group psychotherapy
Behavioural treatment
Working with an interdisciplinary treatment team
Assistance in report making
UIBS2 MonthsRs.8000 (Rs.1500 weekly)Orientation,
Understanding Oneself & Client,
Career Guidance,
Case History Taking & MSE,
Understanding Disorders & Diagnosis & Management,
Understanding Adult / Child Disorder & Management,
Understanding Modals of Psychotherapy and Counselling and Creating Management Plan,
Specialisation of one month in Specific Training in School or Drug De-addiction or Child & Adolescents or Rehabilitation or Counselling or Clinical
Institute of Psychometric Testing & Clinical Counselling240 HoursIntroduction to ICD and DSM nomenclature & classification,
Intake and/or Clinical Interview,
Case history taking, diagnostic formulation,
Psychometric testing including intelligence and personality assessment and rating scale,
Therapeutic interventions including Behaviour Modification, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Relaxation techniques and Mindful Guided Meditation
Psychowellness Center240 HoursRs 6500Interviewing Skills and Report Building,
Case History Taking,
Introduction to Broad fields of Psychology,
Introduction to Psychological Disorders,
Counseling Approaches,
Psychological Assessment,
Tools and Report Writing,
Brief introduction to Psychotherapies and its applications,
Counseling Role Plays and Case Discussions
Mind Quest1 month or 45 days Rs 3500 (1 month),
Rs 5200 (45 days)
Detailed Case History Taking,
Rapport-building and informed consent,
Sensitive clinical interviewing techniques,
Psychological tools used in case history taking,
Arriving at provisional diagnosis,
Negative history-taking,
Dual diagnosis, co-morbidity, differential diagnosis,
Understanding depression and other mood disorders,
Stress and anxiety disorders,
Neuro-developmental disorders and mental health in childhood,
Substance use disorders,
Schizophrenia and psychotic-spectrum disorders,
Personality disorders,
Introduction to psychological assessment,
Case studies and regular case discussions with experts,
Self-reflection and self-care practices for mental health professionals,
Counseling skills and essential skills in psychotherapy,
Case formulation and setting goals in psychological therapy,
Working with client resistance in therapy,
Eating disorders,
Behavioural addictions,
Behaviour therapy and ABA Model in childhood disorders,
Trauma and mental health,
Trauma informed approached in therapy
Evening Hours on alternate days: 5 to 7 pm9310199084,
Bhandari Hospital & Research Centre1-2 monthsDevelop your self awareness as a Professional,
Learn how to take case-history,
How to write case report,
Engage in peer-counselling,
Live supervision sessions,
Overview of psychological disorders,
Overview of different psychology therapies
UTSAAH Psychological Services240 HoursTraining of Clinical/Counselling Skills,
Real case discussion,
Psychological Testing Training,
Skills Enhancement Training,
Case History Taking/MSE

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