Components of Marketing Information System

Components of Marketing Information System

Internal Reporting System: Every company has a system of reporting events and decisions within the organization. This is known as internal reporting system. The internal reporting system supplies management with variety of information, including the ones related to marketing operations and decisions. The internal reporting system basically disseminates result data such as orders received, sales made, inventory levels, accounts receivables and bills payables.

Marketing Intelligence System: It supplies the management with the happening data. Marketing intelligence system refers to informal search of information on a continuous basis from various sources – both internal and external to the organisation.

Marketing Research System: While the other two systems provide information of general nature to the marketing managers, marketing research system aims at collecting and disseminating information relating to a specific marketing problem faced by the decision makers of the firm.

Analytical Marketing System: It is concerned with building and using marketing models and techniques to analyse the information available with the organisation and/or to better understand, predict and control the marketing process. It so happens that the three systems provide so voluminous data to the managers that is not possible for the marketing managers to directly assimilate and use them in decision making.

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