One Liners for DOEACC O Level M1-R4 Part 2

One Liners for DOEACC O Level M1-R4 Part 2

One Liners for DOEACC O Level M1-R4: IT Tools and Business Systems

These are all the questions asked in True or False form in the paper of IT Tools and Business Systems:

Use keyboard to turn on the computer – FALSE

Monitor and printer are output devices – TRUE

A computer system can be split into input, processing and output – TRUE

E-mail is elegant mail – FALSE

The bits can have only 2 values – TRUE

UNIX is an operating system – TRUE

DOS is an example of GUI – FALSE

Primary memory is usually referred to as RAM – TRUE

Arranging data in a particular order is known as Sorting – TRUE

Hexadecimal value of 11 is C – FALSE

Cache memory has lowest speed in memory hierarchy – FALSE

During the installation of windows, it asks for Administrator Password – TRUE

Floppy disk is plug and play device – TRUE

We can get back the deleted files/folders from the Recycle Bin – FALSE

Ext2 file system can be used in Windows 7 Operating System – FALSE

Defragmentation of Hard Disk will increase access speed of data – TRUE

ROM is volatile memory – FALSE

ALU unit of microprocessor is responsible to perform computations – TRUE

In LINUX, root login is administrator login – TRUE

Computer can understand and manipulate binary data only – TRUE

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Reader – TRUE

Database can contain table, query and report – TRUE

Absolute cell referencing always refer to the small cell in spreadsheet – FALSE

Volatile memory is directly accessible by the CPU – FALSE

Many operating systems are designed as collection of program modules – TRUE

Multitasking is also called parallel processing – FALSE

Page setup option is in table menu in MS Word – FALSE

Maximum zoom percentage in word document is 500 – TRUE

A string of 8 Bits is called Byte – TRUE

The Recycle Bin is a folder that provides a convenient place to store frequently used documents, graphics and other files – FALSE

Freeware is a software that is available for use at no monetary cost – TRUE

IPv6 Internet Protocol address is represented as eight groups of four octal digits – FALSE

The Language that the computer can understand is called Machine Language – TRUE

Magnetic Tape used random access method – FALSE

GNU/LINUX is a open source operating system – TRUE

Object code is a source code translated into machine language through a compiler – TRUE

UNIX is a free, reliable alternative to windows XP – TRUE

Presentation graphics software can convert numeric data into charts – TRUE

Fourth Generation Languages are typically non-procedural – TRUE

Light pen and joystick are both pointing devices – TRUE

Windows clipboard can hold multiple pieces of information at the same point of time – TRUE

By default, the numbers are left aligned and text is right aligned in a spreadsheet – FALSE

A browser is a software program used for viewing Web pages on the Internet – TRUE

Word file cannot be protected by password – FALSE

A series of specially designed documents, all linked together to be viewed on the Internet is World Wide Web – TRUE

ROM is volatile memory – FALSE

MS Word is system software – FALSE

PowerPoint presentation can be embed with sound, video clips and animations – TRUE

In Microsoft Access deleted record can be undone – FALSE

The Language that the computer can understand is called Machine Language – TRUE

Paperless office & Virtual office are same – FALSE

A byte is the smallest unit of storage – FALSE

The tabs appearing below at the bottom on the worksheet carry the default labeling of Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 etc. These tabs cannot be renamed – FALSE

Cache Memory is faster than Main Memory – TRUE

Machine Language is machine independent while Higher Level Languages are machine dependent – FALSE

If you enter 345A in a cell it will be treated as number in the electronic spreadsheet as it starts with digit – FALSE

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