Logical Understanding of the Subject Matter: It is the first stage which is primarily concerned with the development of a subject. There are two ways to develop a subject viz. a. logically and b. chronologically.

Designing the Final Outline of the Report: It is the second stage in writing the report. Having understood the subject matter, the next stage is structuring the report and ordering the parts and sketching them. This stage can also be called as planning and organization stage. Ideas may pass through the author’s mind. Unless he first makes his plan/sketch/design he will be unable to achieve a harmonious succession and will not even know where to begin and how to end.

Preparation of the Rough Draft: The third stage is the write up/drafting of the report. This is the most crucial stage to the researcher, as he/she now sits to write down what he/she has done in his/her research study and what and how he/she wants to communicate the same. Here the clarity in communicating/reporting is influenced by some factors such as who the readers are, how technical the problem is, the researcher’s hold over the facts and techniques, the researcher’s command over language (his communication skills),the data and completeness of his notes and documentation and the availability of analyzed results.

Finalization of the Report: This is the last stage, perhaps the most difficult stage of all formal writing. It is easy to build the structure, but it takes more time for polishing and giving finishing touches. Take for example the construction of a house. Up to roofing (structure) stage the work is very quick but by the time the building is ready, it takes up a lot of time.

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