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How to Score 80 to 90+ Marks in IGNOU Assignments

Aiming for high marks in your IGNOU assignments? Here’s a simple guide to structuring your answers effectively:

  1. Stick to the Word Limit: Always adhere to the word limits given. If it’s specified, great; if not, use these guidelines:
  • 20-mark questions: Aim for about 500 words, roughly 4 to 5 pages.
  • 12-mark questions: Keep it under 300 words, which would be about 3 pages.
  • 10-mark questions: Limit yourself to 250 words, typically 2 to 3 pages.
  • 5-mark questions: Write about 150 words, or roughly 1 page.
  • 3-mark questions: A concise 50 to 100 words, or half a page, will do.

2. Quality over Quantity: Your focus should be on the clarity and relevance of your answers rather than just filling pages.

3. Review and Revise: Before submitting, make sure to review your answers for any grammatical or factual errors.

    These tips should help you target high marks by focusing on concise, relevant, and well-structured responses. Good luck!

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